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Company Settings and Customization

We offer robust company settings and customization options, allowing you to tailor the software to match your company's needs precisely. Here's how you can make ProStruct360 your own:

Step 1: Access Company Settings

Begin by logging in to your ProStruct360 account and navigating to the 'Company Settings' section. Here, you'll find a range of customization options that cover various aspects of your software experience.

Step 2: Configure Company Information

ProStruct360 provides you with the flexibility to set up and manage your company's information. From contact details to branding elements like your logo, you can ensure that your company's identity is accurately represented throughout the software.

Step 3: Customize Email Templates

Efficient communication is crucial in the construction industry. ProStruct360 lets you create and customize email templates tailored to your company's style and tone. Craft messages that resonate with your clients, subcontractors, and team members, ensuring that your communication is consistently professional and on-brand.

Step 4: Share Customizations

It's essential to ensure that the customizations you create are accessible to the relevant individuals within your company. ProStruct360 simplifies this process by allowing you to share your customizations seamlessly. Whether it's email templates, branding elements, or specific settings, you have full control over who can access and use them.

Step 5: Streamline Workflows

By customizing ProStruct360's company settings, you can streamline your company's workflows and make your software work for you. Whether it's automating certain processes, setting up notifications, or fine-tuning permissions, our customization options empower you to optimize your construction management processes.

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