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Job Card Overview

In the dynamic world of construction, efficient project management is paramount to success. ProStruct360's Job Card Overview equips you with powerful tools to manage your construction projects with precision. Here's a comprehensive look at how you can maximize this feature:

Material Tracking Made Easy

ProStruct360 provides two seamless options for tracking materials, accommodating both QuickBooks users and those who prefer manual entry. If you're using QuickBooks, the system intelligently populates material information from your accounting software. However, if you're not utilizing QuickBooks, you can effortlessly input materials manually using the dedicated button. This flexibility ensures that regardless of your accounting preferences, material tracking is always at your fingertips.

Financial Clarity and Transparency

Our Job Card Overview is designed to provide you with a comprehensive view of your projects' financial aspects. Track expenditures, monitor budgets, and gain insights into project costs effortlessly. With ProStruct360, you'll have a clear understanding of the financial health of your projects, helping you make informed decisions and avoid budget overruns.

Streamlined Labor Management

Managing labor is a breeze with ProStruct360's Job Card Overview. Easily assign tasks to team members, monitor work progress, and track hours worked. This ensures that your workforce remains productive and tasks are completed on schedule. The system also simplifies payroll processing, making it easier than ever to ensure your team is compensated accurately and promptly.

Effortless Invoicing and Payments

ProStruct360 streamlines the invoicing process, allowing you to generate invoices with just a few clicks. You can send invoices to clients directly through the platform, saving time and ensuring prompt payment. Additionally, our integration with QuickBooks ensures that financial data remains synchronized and up-to-date, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring smooth accounting.

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