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Navigating the Dashboard

Welcome to ProStruct360, your comprehensive construction management software. Learn how to effortlessly navigate through the platform and make the most of its features.

Dashboard Navigation

On the left side of your dashboard, you'll find navigation options that grant you quick access to different sections within the software. The dashboard displays the current view you're working on.

Exploring Different Spaces

  • Jobs: Easily view your ongoing projects, and add clients, vendors, and team members.

  • Vendor Payments: Manage payments to your labor force efficiently.

  • Emails: Organize your correspondence and ensure client communication aligns with specific jobs.

User Profile and Tasks

In the top right corner, you can manage your user profile, including creating email templates, adjusting settings, and changing your subscription. The Tasks section keeps you organized, showing tasks due today, tomorrow, and in the future. Completing tasks ensures smooth job progress.

Card Screen View

A compact view of essential job details is available, color-coded by priority and lifecycle stage. Filter and sort jobs based on clients, crews, or project managers. Switch between baseball card and list view for varied perspectives.

Ensuring Job Progress

Tasks within the Current Jobs section require action for ongoing project advancement. The All Jobs tab presents a comprehensive view of all your projects across different stages.

Debt Estimate and Job Status

Adjust job status with options like Debt Estimate for projects no longer pursued. On Hold status helps manage clients interested in future work. Set reminders for re-engagement with clients.

Support and Further Assistance

Remember, we're here to support you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at